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Janel Mclaskey

"Janel was amazing to work with. She is very timely and responsive. Very friendly and easy going. My wife trained with her for just a short time but we hope to get her back to training with her after the summer break. I definitely would recommend Janel for your physical training needs."
- Joseph J.

​"Janel is amazing!!! My body has transformed since I have been training with her and I couldn't be happier. She goes above and beyond for her clients and tailors her training to each individual's needs and goals. Best trainer in Utah!"

- Tami J.

"I love training with Janel! She is so comfortable to work with and is so encouraging. I am stronger, healthier, and have more energy from our workouts. Even when I have had to take a break from training she continues to check in on me. Janel is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and fun to be around! I highly recommend her!"
- Monica H.

"Janel is great at helping people find motivation, establish healthy life patterns, eat well, move well and become their best selves."
- Sean C.

"I worked with Janel from August 2020 to August 2021, and I am grateful that she has kept me accountable with my exercise program. When I started working with her, I had not been engaging in any regular exercise. We met weekly and focused on my goal of strength training. I have gotten so strong!! Janel did a great job of starting me with exercises and weights that were appropriate for my level as a beginner. As I improved, she worked to add weight and push me outside of my comfort zone. She provided good critique of my form and provided modifications or alternatives if a particular exercise was uncomfortable (safety is very important to her). I felt like my time with her was very individualized: She focused on my goals, abilities, and even included exercises that she knew I loved just to make the workout fun. I have since moved out-of-state, but if I was still living in Salt Lake City, I would definitely still be working out with Janel!"
- Kaitlin D.​

"I have continued working with Janel for almost 2 years. She really works with you to meet your goals and her workouts really are tailored to your individual needs. I am so happy with how I have come from when I first started training. I recommended going to her if you want to have a great experience and a personal trainer who really cares and treats you like a person more than just a client."
- Mk G.

"Janel provides phenomenal person to person training aimed at achieving your personal objectives. She perfects you’re exercise techniques to ensure you achieve a safe work out but are completed for maximum benefit. A true professional in her field. We cannot recommend her higher and have worked with her for 2+ years now."
- Jenifer A.

"Janel is a great trainer! I'm not an athletic person at all and I wanted to get support and learn some exercises to get and stay healthy. I'm socially anxious and hate gyms but Janel made me feel comfortable and kicked my butt in a good way. She kept me accountable while also not making me feel like a bad person if I slipped up. She was always professional, knowledgeable, on time and I enjoyed working with her."
- Cagney S.

"She is an excellent trainer, and I always look forward to our sessions because she is professional, knowledgeable, and fun to work with."
- Maren C.

"Janel is great to work with. I am excited to be working with her and I feel that with her knowledge, energy and drive I will be successful at reaching my goals."
- Jenny J.

"Janel is very professional and an excellent trainer. I would highly recommend her!"
- Kim C.   

"Janel has been fantastic. I was hesitant to work with a trainer, but I have come to realize that she has genuine concern for my overall health and well-being. She pushes when needed but makes the overall experience a good one. I'm so glad I made the decision to work with her."

- Marie K.     

"Janel has really helped me jump start my work out routines. I am not always the most motivated to work out and she really fills that role for me. Every workout if different and she makes sure I feel comfortable with the exercise while also pushing me. She helped modify my eating plan and checks in on me after workouts! Great job and would recommend her to anyone!"
- Lauren L.

"She pushes me to do more than I think I can and she makes it fun. I love her energy; it makes me want to work out more so that I might possibly have that much energy!"
- Shannon T.

"I've worked with Janel for almost 6 months now, and it is no exaggeration that I am a completely new person now. In that time she has repeatedly put thought and care into my routine. With her help, I've more than doubled my strength overall (when I started, I couldn't even do a pushup), and have lost over 20 lbs. Super stoked to have found her!"
- Dustin P.

"Janel is fabulous! Intelligent, inspirational, driven and caring. I am making great strides both physically and mentally on my fitness journey and I owe it all to her."
- Susan D.

"Janel is amazing. She is so patient but pushes me everyday. She believes I can finish every workout even when I don't think I'll survive it. She's so fun to work with and it makes going to a work out that much more exciting. Her positivity and fun personality really make the biggest difference! I'm so happy I was able to start training with her!"
- Lauren L.

"I have been working with Janel for only 4 weeks now and have already seen some incredible results. Janel is seriously amazing at what she does! She is upbeat, encouraging, always on time, and never once made me feel embarrassed. She customizes workouts and meal plans specifically for her clients and her meals are so tasty! I would recommend her to anyone, no matter their fitness level. I give Janel a 10++"
​- Emily W.

"Janel is AMAZING. She customizes a food plan and work out specifically to your body type, as well as listens to what your goals are and she helps push you towards them in a positive manner. She is punctual, energetic, and extremely knowledgable of what she does. I am currently training with her and will continue going forward indefinately. I recommend Janel and rate her a 10+ on every level."
- Jennifer L.

"I worked with Janel for 6 weeks, or 12 sessions. She was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with. The routines we did had enough variability to keep things interesting. And while the workouts were extremely physically challenging, she never demanded anything impossible of me. In fact, because of working with her, I learned the joy of pushing my limits. The only reason that I am not currently still working with her is some pressing financial obligations popped up and I had to cut the expense. I hope to work with again in the future, but in the meantime, I continue to employ the skills she taught me in my own workout routines. Call Janel, you won't regret it!" 
​- Lauren M.

"I had a total of 6 sessions with Janel and had a great experience! My first time working with a trainer and she made me feel very comfortable, but also pushed me to work harder than I ever have before. She also provided me with a meal plan and was always available to answer questions and provide encouragement. I highly recommend Janel!"
- Noel S.

"Great! Trained me since last summer and saw great results! Easy to work with, always on time, and very friendly. Was sorry to lose her as my trainer when she moved."
- Nicole M.

"Worked with Janel this summer and she was excellent. I was at a pretty basic level and out of shape but she never made me feel bad about it. I noticed a difference in my energy level and my body very quickly and never felt bored with her personalized work outs. If you are looking to get in shape in 2014 call Janel today!"
- Andrea B. 

"An excellent motivator, Janel took the time to listen and build a custom workout to meet my needs and then constantly pushed me to exceed my own expectations. A bundle of positive energy (even at 5:30AM), highly recommended A++"
​- Paul S.

"My experience with Janel far exceeded my own expectations. As someone who is just getting back into a regular fitness plan she is exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Her knowledge of all things health related was extensive, but better yet, it was customized to me specifically. Taking into consideration my current diet, weight, height, BMI, etc. she helped me to formulate achievable goals that would be reached through a custom diet/fitness plan. I've felt and seen the results after every session. Her attention to detail is fantastic, she helps me target any problem areas (or areas where I'd like to improve) through effective exercises and most importantly...proper form! She's not afraid to call me out when I do something incorrectly, but she always follows up with a "here's how to do it" or "try it like this. Needless to say I can barely walk the following morning, but soon my chicken legs will be hulking tree trunks, all thanks to her. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve, regardless of what stage you are at in your fitness routine. Knowledge is power, and she will share all she has with you in a fun, healthy, interactive way. Thank you for a great experience."

​- Joshua H.